unified bitch theory

17 09 2008

must we break it down to estrogen/most hated specimens of bitch n*%&@z

in this era of young men raised by single mothers, deadbeat daddies and overall disintegration of family values and what it means to be a man or woman in the traditional 1950’s way of thinking, we have developed a major bitch problem.

i’ve been an outside cusp member of many cliques and crews over the years and one thing I have found is that dudes are gossiping more than we collectively ever have. men used to be content with a simple discussion of current events, culture, sports and weather, now we feel some need or yearning to act bitchlike and shit-talk those around us often including our close acquaintances or friends.

women, well they’ve never stopped but social networking sites have taken voyeurism, snooping, gossip, and other related pursuits to an entirely new level. no longer is deidre’s outfit from last night just committed to memory and giggled about at starbucks while waiting for lattes, that fat bitch is tagged and commented on before her self esteem can even think to prepare itself.

the less men act like gentlemen or men in general, the more we become just like the bitches we’ve mocked in rap music and our locker room banter for years.

my advice is simple. everyone needs to google TACT, RESPECT, HONOUR, and incorporate these principles into their daily lives. men, go learn how to build something with your hands and cook yourself a healthy, warm meal. women, expect more of your men and respect yourselves more. we all had self-esteem at one point, find out where the heck it went and go back there and reclaim your confidence.




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