this is me pee

23 09 2008

Segregate those fake poems

Separate the bullshit from the authentic

Vintage rhyme division got the globe listening

My rap scroll belittled your goals and visions

Prohibition got my whole block pissin Christian

One-fifty-one Thun’ll have you off balance walkin

Don’t let your e-motions get involved talkin

to the wrong culprit, the killer be the soft spoken

So what’s ya intentions, you want to glow for the moment?

Throw on ya two pennys then you boltin

I rock for the few chosen, who got they third minds open

Write a page that’ll engage war and encite fights

Be on the look for the bright lights and North Winds

The trumpets be the mics ya size malevolent

You don’t belong in my evesight

Pee’s a powerful soldier of the light

and things won’t be the same the game’s over..

one of my favourite prodigy verses ever. photo credit to the king of b/w, estevan oriol




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