i’m a hustla, homie

30 10 2008

Crazydollguy, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Random street guy: I’ve got this doll, guys. Only $10. Give it to your girlfriend as a present.

Me: No thanks, dude but here I’ll take your picture so I can forever remember this moment.

the truth about mikey

30 10 2008

thetruthaboutmikey, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i always knew there was something weird about him. thank you chalkboard for clearing it up.

Percee P

30 10 2008

perceep, originally uploaded by sizzled.

So, anyone who’s ever met Percee P probably has a story about him trying to sell them his cd. Being the nerd that I am, I actually showed love and copped this joint for the 10 beans or whatever he was asking at the time.

My personal favourite Percee P story came courtesy of my main man Yeshua DaPOed straight out of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

Yesh told me that they did a 2-3 day tour in the Tristate with Percee P and everyone was mad tight, chilling,etc. He sees Percee P a week later at a show and the dude goes right into his hustle and tries to sell him his album like he had no idea who Yesh was..lol.


29 10 2008

is really crushing it lately. this particular piece caught my eye immediately.

graffiti>all other 21st century art movements.

big up steven powers, sheppard fairey, barry mcgee, paul 107, ben tour

this supermarket sucks

29 10 2008

cart, originally uploaded by sizzled.

if you thought that quarter key turny thing was hard to operate, try shopping here. i’ll never complain about the wobbly wheel cart again.


29 10 2008

ceezer, originally uploaded by sizzled.

it’s not his birthday, but he’s THAT dude regardless. I wouldn’t be mad if someone slid me some of what he was smoking before this pic was taken, either. haha.

Big up to Big C.

avi Gold

29 10 2008

avi, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Happy Birthday to a good jew.

Often misunderstood but def in my books as a thorough cat.

Big up son.