summer salad in october

21 10 2008

summer salad in october, originally uploaded by sizzled.

ok so i get on a kick every once in a while of trying a similar dish and flipping it slightly until i find the perfect version. tonight that exact thing happened with my salad.

i’m going to bless you guys with the super simple “recipe” so everyone can in turn enjoy the flavours. this recipe could serve 1-2 people tops, double the portions if you are entertaining.

Organic Mache Blend(a few handfuls)
Organic Raspberries(10 or so)
Organic local heirloom tomatoes(2)
Organic pomegranate seeds(about 30)
Organic roasted and diced garlic(2 forkfuls)
Organic balsamic vinegar(about 4 careful splashes)
Organic cold-pressed olive oil(about 5 splashes liberally applied)
Organic black pepper(about 7-10 pinches)
Celtic sea salt(about 7-10 pinches)
Organic rosemary(about 5 sprigs, diced)
Herbamare Spicy(about 5 shakes)

Ok, so this is a 2 part process. I make a badass tomato appetizer, and that in itself is a great standalone dish. I prepare that first so the tomatoes are marinating while you prep everything else.

To start off, slice the 2 tomatoes thinly either width or lengthwise. I did widthwise for this particular jumpoff.
Spread them out on a plate, ideally one with a little lip. I grind my sea salt and pepper in a marble mortar and pestle, but you can use grinders, whatevs i just prefer the process. I sprinkle the salt and pepper all over the tomatoes, really there is no guideline here..if you like those flavours, go nuts.
I then pour the olive oil all over them and sprinkle the Herbamare and rosemary on top. Take a fork and stir it up a bit so everything is mixing nicely, then let that sit.

Next, we layer the lettuce all over the bottom of the salad bowl and splash the balsamic on the lettuce letting it sink to the bottom on it’s own volition.
I then extract the pomegranate seeds from their cavern and sprinkle them on top of the lettuce along with the raspberries and roasted garlic.
Once that is all done, I pour everything off the plate of tomatoes on top and toss the whole thing together.

The end result should look like this. For you dairy eaters, I bet this would taste amazing with some chevre..but i don’t fucks with dairy so that’s on you.





4 responses

21 10 2008

Ace! Are you getting any of my BB messages? Call me!!

22 10 2008

does it have to be ‘celtic’ sea salt, or will any other brand do?

22 10 2008

i didn’t even use celtic..that’s the irony of that ?
use whatever you’ll be just as good

22 10 2008

what, you couldn’t find organic celtic sea salt?

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