Promo Mania

28 10 2008

Thank you November 1991 Source for bringing THE HEATERY.. I’m really not sure what I’m impressed more by:3rd Bass “Derelicts of Dialect” beer, the Ice-T O.G  VHS cassette (holler if you hear me), or the fact that Stussy has remained the most consistent, relevant and innovative  brand out from “west coast Surfers dudes” to “hip-hop troopers” since 1991.

Lest we forget about the short-lived Dew-Doo Man records toilet paper (my most wanted rap promo item)

Str8 fire….

Anybody out there ever owned a pair of Sony CD550’s?


I’m curious to know whether they in fact provided “boomin bass, solid midrange and crisp highs”…

I’m all about “enjoying great sound performance” (whatever that means)….




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