old drunk guys

27 11 2008

Maniac8, originally uploaded by sizzled.

always make my night.

this guy in particular was impressive. his mood swings went from a violent, instigating vibe all the way over to a sad, confused and lonely one.

he was definitely eating both paper and cigarettes in front of us and may have taken a couple swings at me while i tried to take this picture.

after a fight almost broke out between dennis and some hipster politically correct emo herb over us “taunting” this poor old man, we all stepped back and realized that he’s probably somebody’s dad and that in itself is pretty sad and even if he is stumbling in our face talking shit, perhaps we should let him be.

thug passion thursdays part 2

27 11 2008

thugpassion3, originally uploaded by sizzled.

let’s keep it moving. wonder how long i can keep this going without missing a week?

for me, the best word here is none other than:
iisgaved…as in…

i is gaved you some of dis henny

thanks wordpress

26 11 2008


for this amazing suggestion on my dashboard. lol

WordPress tip: Be the master of your own domain – make this blog feastotherwiseboogalooonline.com for just $15 per year.

somehow i feel like that might not have the same ring to it as our current url, but i’ll definitely keep it in mind.

hope, recka TCM

26 11 2008

hope, recka, originally uploaded by sizzled.

how often do you just catch a new(2007) hope and recka freight just layed up in the yard? especially after you just saw recka the day before and he let you use his 15mm wrench to tighten your back wheel and get your chain tension proper.

big up 2 Toronto OG’s.


26 11 2008

rcade, originally uploaded by sizzled.

caught this “installation” in rainbow’s apartment out west almost 4 years ago.

what does that mean? that rcade is on some new stuff that you ain’t even tried yet.

the smore test

25 11 2008

SMORES mmmmmm, originally uploaded by Jacinda Krieger.

so, as i’ve mentioned i spent the weekend “roughing” it in prince edward county.

anytime i go on a trip, i am always meal planning or weighing my food options well before i hit the road.

being that i stopped eating meat in 1995 and haven’t looked back since, i have a slightly different plan of attack than most folks I know or hang with.

in fact, i liken the whole experience of my changing diet and awareness level about food, health, nutrition, etc to a dam. a large dam with a small crack to be exact. as time passes, the crack gets bigger and bigger and finally bursts. for me, that burst was about 4 years ago when i finally cut out dairy from my diet and started being way more concious of refined sugars and eating too many sweets.

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asa turner

25 11 2008

pinkles, originally uploaded by sizzled.

my dog asa likes his soft serve with pink sprinkles but don’t get it twisted, homie will bodycheck you into the boards if it comes down to that(pause, no homo, etc).

please visit his blog which has now conveniently been added to the blogroll since he is def my favourite non-canadian.


25 11 2008

Mosaic, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i think this was from my blue period, sometime around the turn of the 19th century. either that or i took this picture in a museum because i really like tiles with art on them.


25 11 2008

Shiva1, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i guess having the infinite wisdom of the universe probably gives you a pretty good reason to have a smug look on your grill.

apply within

25 11 2008

apply within, originally uploaded by sizzled.

what exactly could the application process for purchasing this air conditioner entail?