9 11 2008


RECORD DEALER:  Do you like Michael Jackson?

ME: Uhhhhhh.. Kinda, I guess, but…

RECORD DEALER: ..Well you need this in your life. This is really rare and would fit right in to the MJ superfans collection..


Tryna sell MJ paraphenalia post-nosejob-skin bleaching-pedo phase is quite possibly the WORST LOOK imaginable.

Imagine having that glove in your back pocket ready to battle anybody on some electric boogaloo shit, though?

As soon as your would-be opponent sees the J5 logo and the Motown shit, they know one thing and one thing only. IT’S A WRAP!

Not sure if you can see the price tag in the pic, but homie wanted 45 bones for this shit. LMAO.




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