Cap One

10 11 2008

Nomoreweedforyou, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this was right before our friend Cap left for Asia the 1st time and we were sending him off in style. He’s still there, and doesn’t appear to have plans to come home anytime soon. Good for you Cap, ya friggin lobsterhead.

Bonus points to me for having Disciple in the shot too.




3 responses

20 11 2008

2 things.
1.I was about to comment on the ‘do’ post after this one to tell you that the green store on the corner is a really popular bubble tea shop out here in Taiwan. But when i went to comment i saw that the next post was titled Cap One which made me hit that button and come to this. I think i remember this as a session in the park close to my old spot at the Esplanade. Thanks Ace.

2. How ill is the lining in my hood.

Im soooo fly

20 11 2008

one more thing. check my blog nikkuhs!

20 11 2008

nope. outside of ckln lobsterhead

but yeah, your hood lining is proper. as is your strangehold on hip-hop parties in taiwan

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