leap year

21 11 2008

leapt, originally uploaded by sizzled.

so, i’ve kept this blog pretty succinct and not very personal with the exception of posting lots of photos of people that are close friends of mine.

however, getting this pic emailed to me just made me feel like talking about my year and the ideas and views that were present during the whole process.

during my young adulthood, i’ve had a tendency to need to leap. to walk away from something that wasn’t working or was holding me back even if it were something minor like a job or a habit or pattern, but the important thing that the leap was the catalyst for positive change or a period of rest and relaxation that recharged my battery(a difference from energizer lol).

people maybe take this as being flighty, but i offer this justification. if you feel something making you stagnant, recognizing that is the most difficult part. walking away from it is easy, but coming to that realization that sometimes requires intense self evaluation can take a lot of time.

how many of us have justified long hours spent on projects that didn’t end up taking off by blindly focusing on the ends and not the toll that the means takes on us?

i guess all i’m really trying to say is that if you don’t leap, you’ll never know if there is something better out there for you. or maybe, having less is what you need to get your priorities straight.

id like to thank Ali for taking/sending me this pic and for the rad bday weekend that it was part of before we went through all of the stuff that eventually lead to the end of our relationship. ultimately, good times like this will be what i remember when i think back, never the drama.

anyways, im back to prince edward county this weekend(where this pic was taken) to enjoy some county bumpkin time at a farmhouse so i probably wont have internet access to blog over the weekend. hopefully this wasn’t too much rambling for you guys. if so, at least it was a cool pic, right?




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