the smore test

25 11 2008

SMORES mmmmmm, originally uploaded by Jacinda Krieger.

so, as i’ve mentioned i spent the weekend “roughing” it in prince edward county.

anytime i go on a trip, i am always meal planning or weighing my food options well before i hit the road.

being that i stopped eating meat in 1995 and haven’t looked back since, i have a slightly different plan of attack than most folks I know or hang with.

in fact, i liken the whole experience of my changing diet and awareness level about food, health, nutrition, etc to a dam. a large dam with a small crack to be exact. as time passes, the crack gets bigger and bigger and finally bursts. for me, that burst was about 4 years ago when i finally cut out dairy from my diet and started being way more concious of refined sugars and eating too many sweets.

so, as i soak up more knowledge and talk to more people who share similar dietary and lifestyle choices, i gradually cut more things out and further refine what food means to me. this means that i’m usually bringing my own food to potlucks and eating it all or having tea while everyone else soaks up last night’s booze at the greasy spoon.

i don’t often feel my principles or beliefs being challenged, especially in north america because in most places that I go I can usually find something that’s healthy and tasty to snack on.

going to costa rica, sure i ate a little butter here and there, or probably a couple things that were baked with eggs and milk. this is what happens when you go somewhere else and aren’t fluent with the language or trying to be too difficult when communicating is already confusing enough. i don’t fault myself for it, since i’m actually just being a bit less rigid in order to fully experience life in another place.

this weekend though, my sweet tooth inner demon gave my principles a run for their money.

so there’s a roaring fire in the wood stove, everyone is drunk(cept me) and stoned and there are ingredients for s’mores. someone sets the precedent and makes one, and next thing you know its a s’more frenzy.

watching a bunch of drunk girls excitedly eat s’mores is tough on a dude who has never even eaten one. even when i was a kid, my parents were good about showing me alternatives to junky, sugary food so i didn’t really crave candy or chocolate bars to the same extent that other kids did. christ, honey nut cheerios were the sweetest cereal i had at home up until about age 12.

anyways, i had a serious moment of weakness where i almost ate a piece of a s’more and even asked keesha to make me one but keep it a secret from the others, wow. luckily, i guess i look better sticking to my guns because she didn’t let me cave and this just made me wake up and believe in myself again.

i’ve always felt that i’m not the type of person who takes the easy way out..on anything. so, if it means i need to think a little harder or walk a little further or spend a little more to get a good snack that is both healthy and delicious then that is what i will do. i ended up making open faced “sandwiches” with ace bakery olive and chipotle loaf, hummus, avocado slices and hot pepper sesame oil drizzled on top.

i may not have ever had a s’more but now i just want to find a way to make them vegan since i actually think marshmallows are the grossest little puffballs ever. kinda like drinking pop, i just don’t ever see a need to do it again. san pellegrino limonata doesn’t count though, does it ager?




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