31 12 2008

thunnset, originally uploaded by sizzled.

exhibit d aka ghetto panorama.

see you in 2009, thunny’s and thunette’s!

Butout & Crabs

30 12 2008


Handstyles for damn miles.


30 12 2008


Sight BA/BSM (Part 3)

30 12 2008


It don’t stop.


30 12 2008


Highlly recommended. Good quality Japanese food. Heavy co-sign from the Kaeweezer.

Above the clouds.

30 12 2008


4 point sumthin with a low ride sumthin

30 12 2008

let’s ride, originally uploaded by sizzled.

…..mos def, jay, prince and stevie, marvin gaye, led zeppelin and biggie……

here’s a video of qtip performing 1 verse of let’s ride at his recent show in toronto at the Phoenix.

ps, i still need a copy of this on vinyl, k thx.

specimen revs

29 12 2008

specimen revs, originally uploaded by sizzled.

these 2 guys changed the way i looked at graffiti and the concept of getting a name up forever.

found this whole section of a live/work loft building in bk postered up by mostly cost, but of course there is some revs in there too.

maybe one of them lived in this building? perhaps gabe can shed some light on the subject since he was the one who took me here.


29 12 2008

no smoking that absolut illy, originally uploaded by sizzled.

menus, signs, pamphlets, books. i love typos, but yet am bothered by bad spelling. isn’t that a strange duality?


28 12 2008

stolen, originally uploaded by sizzled.

didn’t write it, didn’t take the picture, don’t know bernie.

somewhere, someone is laughing to themselves.