best roti in Toronto

10 12 2008

yum, originally uploaded by sizzled.

so, has compiled and posted their list of the top 15 roti spots in the Toronto area. it’s not bad, but definitely not how I would have laid it out.

basically, no ali’s?? WTF.

spotted via our homies at the




4 responses

10 12 2008

Wow, was this list not thoro.
Granted, there are a few spots I ain’t been to, but ALBERT’S!?
Oh, and also Mother India AND Gandi?! Same owners! The roti’s are virtually identical, the only difference is the sit-in aspect.
Fuck a blogTO (Sorry Ryan)

11 12 2008

Everyone who knows about roti knows that Ali’s is the best. Period. Roti Palace at Bathurst & Bloor deserves an honourable mention.

11 12 2008

Check the list. They’re on there. I think they make up the tiny amouunt of actually good spots mentioned.

12 12 2008
Dennis GlamNation


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