tyke AWR

5 01 2009

tyke awr, originally uploaded by sizzled.

when legal jams turn bad..haha

tyke and krush from AWR were up in toronto for a legal jam called flexpo 1996. this dude who used to run a company called murad was the organizer and he was basically a dick looking to cash in on everyone’s talent.

i think tyke figured that out real quick, and took it upon himself to paint a big illegal awr piece right on richmond street for all to see. this shows how he got up there, i’m pretty sure he had just finished doing it, too.




One response

24 02 2009

this was fun to watch.
it was actually a double team by tyke and krush. they popped this thing out in about 3 minutes.
they didn’t use the ladder, they climbed the fire escape around the back of the building to get onto the roof.

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