falling up

7 01 2009

up, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this year, my mantra is definitely a description of this picture.

i feel like anything and everything can be achieved as long as your sights are set on it and i am looking up. straight up, and not daunted by the big gap between here and where i want to be.

no more time to pretend to like something or be satisfied with mediocrity, this year is about making strides and pushing for change. i’m not really a guy who makes resolutions or takes the beginning of a year THAT seriously, but to be completely honest the timing is uncanny.

people, ideas, placement, convenient coincidences that could easily be overlooked and left to chance have all been lining themselves up in my life and the lives of others that are close to me and i really feel like things are on the cusp of getting very exciting.

so, let’s just say that barbecueorboogaloo, themeaningofdope, thelegendsleague and all our affiliate bloggers and friends have some big plans this year and please stay tuned. if indeed, we reach even half of our current goals then i implore you to be motivated and inspired by that success. after all, it is definitely contagious.




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7 01 2009

Can I get a “Say word.”?

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