patrick ewing

30 01 2009

Ewingbig, originally uploaded by sizzled.

In a 1996 poll celebrating the 50th anniversary of the NBA, Ewing was selected as one of the 50 Greatest Basketball Players of All Time.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Ewing excelled at cricket and soccer. He was 11 years old when he arrived in the United States with his family, settling in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Although injuries marred his first year in the league, he was named NBA Rookie of the Year, averaging 20 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 blocks per game.

The Knicks played the defending NBA Champion Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan in the 1992 Eastern Conference semifinals. Ewing was unstoppable in game one, finishing with 34 points, 16 rebounds, and six blocks, and the Knicks defeated the Bulls 94-89.

In 2001, Ewing testified in part of the Atlanta’s Gold Club prostitution and fraud federal trial. The owner Thomas Sicignano, testified that he arranged for dancers to have sex with professional athletes. Ewing admitted he went to the club and received oral sex twice in the club. Ewing was never charged with any criminal wrongdoing.

Ewing was in the 1996 movie Space Jam as himself, one of five NBA players whose talent was stolen (along with Charles Barkley, Shawn Bradley, Larry Johnson and Muggsy Bogues). Ewing played the Angel of Death in the film Exorcist III. Ewing also had a brief appearance in the movie Senseless along with Marlon Wayans.

Ewing made cameos as himself in the sitcoms Spin City, Herman’s Head, Mad About You and Webster.

Ewing follows a vegetarian diet.

all facts jacked from his wiki page.




One response

2 02 2009

yes ace my man!
i happen to randomly be wearing my Ewing knicks jersey as i came acros this post. amazing.

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