28 02 2009

air_max_94, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Ace, you are hurting my feelings with these shits right now .

Air Max Thuns hall-of-fame type shit.




the chizz-knocka

26 02 2009

chocs, originally uploaded by sizzled.




i don’t care how much champagne you new rappers from toronto pop, or how awesome all your industry parties are. no idea’s original and that shit was corny in 2000, very little has changed.  now, if dudes were coming with phone cards in the ’09? that’d be like the renaissance.

a lot of N’s

26 02 2009

’02 NBs, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i used to have a thing for New Balance 574/576’s. i don’t have any of these anymore, but in 2002 you couldn’t tell me shit about NBeeez.

all we do is spark..

26 02 2009

mad ism, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Mad Ism.

word to kaeweezy, i know channel live is his favourite group ever and he loves that song.

benched at my usual spot, peace to lil thun. philly stand up.


26 02 2009

ch, originally uploaded by sizzled.

some valuable instructions for all you readers out there.

spotted in a restaurant in niagara falls, ny aka where are we and what is this place.


26 02 2009

mom, originally uploaded by kaeweezy.

Best sign in life.
Hi mom.


26 02 2009

WHO, originally uploaded by kaeweezy.

Elicserrrrrrrr. I’m guessing from around ’99-’00…