gold ham

31 03 2009

ham gold, originally uploaded by sizzled.

2 of my favourite white people.

ghetto gold matt, good luck with your chest piece bud.

hambone, i haven’t had a coffee in at least a month. let’s change that.


31 03 2009

FOTB6, originally uploaded by sizzled.

in stark contrast to my previous post, here are some of my man russ bengston’s rasheed wallace player edition air force 1’s. the non patent black joints are my favourite by far.

has anyone ever heard the song with rasheed rapping with 100X out of philly? i remember it wasn’t that bad.

+3 bonus point for me having ebeth aka microtard in the photo rocking a trucker hat?? i think that’s what it is, but i’m too busy concentrating on taking this photo to notice haha


31 03 2009

dennis’s wedding is coming up and i’ve been learning about dress shoes. i realize now that this was a bad idea since i have very expensive taste apparently. here’s some of the stuff that impresses me.












30 03 2009

Smallbike, originally uploaded by sizzled.

wow. there’s something so absolutely amazing about this picture that has never stopped impressing me. first of all, DUDE..what the hell are you riding?

secondly, i think everyone who’s ever walked yonge street during caribana can imagine what sort of tomfoolery this dude was up to with that camera. could you be a little more obvious, mr. creeper?

don’t even get me started on his stitches ensemble…let’s just leave it here.

Walmart Wall Art

30 03 2009

Walmart Wall Art, originally uploaded by sizzled.

I understand that it’s tough for stores that sell spray paint. People want to test their cans, and things can get a little messy if the section isn’t managed properly. However, this paint section looked like all hell had broken loose. Step your shelf stocking and organizing game up, WalMart.

Seek 1994

27 03 2009

Seek 1994, originally uploaded by sizzled.

not many people remember or know about seek, but he was someone i looked up to big time when i was a toy just coming up. here’s a little piece of history on what is now going to be gone forever if the condos fill that whole lot at portland and queen up. i miss the old toronto.

dupont station

27 03 2009

Yorkdale43, originally uploaded by sizzled.

was my home subway stop for just under a year and is definitely one of my favourite stations on the ttc lines. the mosaic tile art pieces at track level and the glassed in view of the trains coming in and out really make this station stand out from many others. this is the view coming out of dupont station onto the southeast corner of the dupont and spadina intersection.

casa de crunk RIP.