Cratery 2…

6 03 2009


..For you & you.

As you may already know, this monthly mix is a digging document that attests to both me and Arcee’s carnivorous appetite for all things vinyl and heatery-related.

On this mix you’ll here a variety of stuff and whether it be Jazz, funk, soul, rock, or AR music (I’ve been told I shouldn’t use that term, but fugg it) there’s a common thread amongst the majority of the music. It’s that ol’ raw shit, served up in it’s entirety.

check it out here.

oh, and for all you wetmouth/break-record cats- here’s a tracklist.I play the even joints, Arcee is on the odd’s.

1. The Nite-Liters – Funky Vamp
2. Notations – Superpeople
3. Jerry Butler – Power of Love
4. T.C.B. – Today’s Promises are Yesterday’s Echoes
5. Stone The Crows – Friend
6. Manfred Mann – One Way Glass
7. Sugar Loaf/Jerry Corbetta – Wild Child
8. Riot – Just Beyond
9. Juan Pablo Torres – Pastel En Descarga
10. Dom Salvador – Som, Sangue & Raca
11. The Rimshots – I Wanna Be Myself
12. Jean Knight – Do Me
13. Bobby Rush – Chicken Heads
14. The Rock featuring Jo Anne Garrett – (Charlie, Brother) We Got To Love One Another
15. The Brothers and Sisters – Nobody Is Gonna Turn Us Round
16. Bo Diddley – Go For Broke
17. Labelle – People Say They’re Changing
18. Terri Rae – Raining, It’s Raining




2 responses

9 03 2009


that’s Henry’s wall in the pic isn’t it??

9 03 2009

DING DING! We have a winner!

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