16 03 2009

cheese, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Here’s a little background info on me. I moved to montreal in 2004, and shortly thereafter i decided to cut out a lot of stuff from my life.

Drinking, smoking, bad spending habits, and dairy were the 4 major players that didn’t make the cut when 04 transitioned into 05.

I still don’t drink, came back to my old friend ganja last summer, and haven’t been in overdraft in my bank in years or had a glass of milk either for that matter.

This brings us to my recent dilemma.

I used to love cheese! Giving it up was definitely the hardest part about going totally vegan for me. I always craved cheese in veggie burgers, salads, on pizza, etc but i had made up my mind to stick with this. Since i knew how much i loved cheese, it would be that much more impressive if I could actually stop eating it and resist.

Which is exactly what i’ve done this whole time, over 4 years without any cheese at all. Recently, however i have been tempted greatly by this salty, chewy substance. Everyone i know is a foodie to some degree and so i’m always surrounded by delicious ingredients, recipes and food ideas.

Add into that mix a family unit and significant other who all champion cheese to an extent where my inability to eat it actually angers them at times and you have a dam waiting to burst.

I had already realized that I would break soon enough, but was trying to prolong it as long as I could.

This weekend, Keesha and I decided to order from one of our go-to spots, Peter’s Cajun Creole Pizza(more about them in another post). She ordered a personal panzerotto, and I opted to create a custom pizza which was a first for me at Peter’s. I usually just pick one of their gourmet pizzas and run with it.

The first words I said when describing my pizza were “A medium pizza with 5 toppings, thin crust and there will be no cheese on it”. I proceeded to order Fresh Garlic, Spinach, Green Olives, and Artichoke Hearts. Everything is good, 50 minutes later I’m significantly more hungry and possibly more stoned so when the pizza finally arrives I just dove into it.

I’m furiously chewing my first bite and probably making all manner of disturbing sounds when I realize that the reason this pizza tastes so damn good is that it’s covered in mozzarella.

I have about 30 seconds of guilt and confusion, and then realize that there is no way I’m calling them back to tell them they fucked up and asking them to send me another pizza when this one is here now and delicious.

So that was it, Keesha filmed a little video of me taking my first bites of pizza with cheese and I definitely appear to be loving every second of it. Thankfully, I didn’t vomit or have any really adverse side effects from eating it, so who knows? Maybe cheese will once again become part of my diet in special circumstances or maybe I’ll just become a fat vegetarian all over again on some 1999-2000 shit.

If I can get this video to upload to flickr, I’ll share it with you but I’d love and welcome your comments regarding my decision. +1 for having a picture of Trevor Croft aka Trefs Kicks in this picture looking like my younger brother or cousin or something.




6 responses

16 03 2009

I’m proud of you mister. Proud you lasted 4 years and proud you let it go.

16 03 2009

You won’t regret it.

16 03 2009
Marcus Troy

Life is too short to neglect cheese! Cheese makes the world go round figuratively and metaphorically. Enjoy the Cheese brother!

17 03 2009

remember when i came to ur crib in mtl with some st. andre??

18 03 2009
Dylan "GottaGetchaGouda" Adair

I just realized this SOOO changes the game when we cook for you here… Can we discuss Porcini and Leek Risotto with homemade veggie broth and plenty of artisinal Romano?

18 03 2009

i already ate it again. buffalo mozzarella in a caprese salad. no regrets!

gabe, no i don’t remember that, was it the same time my cat almost died?

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