sun, sun, sun

18 03 2009

trizz, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this post was supposed to be made yesterday. yafeelme?

I see Yellow and Green, it’s a beautiful thing
The sky’s blue, ‘cos the sun hit the water like “BING”
A reflection (uh-huh) and that’s all it is (word)
You can’t stare at him long, cos your face’ll do like this

We those babies from day one
All I had was you on my birthday baby- think you owe me one
The way the world look when you around
Prisoners get out, look up, run at you and then kiss the ground

Feeling the warm sun rays, upon your back as you walk
The heat-driven, A theory I clung to deep living is
Souls have to go through the sun to reach Heaven




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