24 03 2009

oasis, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Hitting you with another AMT endorsement. I fully co-sign the most affordable and sugar-free juice on the market. Oasis has been doing it since back in the day when they used to have that crazy spout attachment and the only place to find it was the Hasty Market by my mom’s old apartment on Queen St East.

For a $1.33 at Food Basics, you really can’t lose. This was my stash when I returned from Gerrard Square Food Basics just a few hours ago.

To my Montreal heads, you know this stuff goes on sale a lot and I’ve seen it at 0.99 cents and even 0.89 cents once or twice. Here’s hoping that Oasis doesn’t go under any time soon.




4 responses

24 03 2009

Tetra paks are my life. I love anything…ANYTHING that comes in one!

24 03 2009

BANANA ORANGE daily since 1990

25 03 2009

i’ve got two pineapple and one banana orange in the fridge right now.

29 03 2009

99c at pharma prix, all flavors

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