sweets watson

30 04 2009

sweets/q, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Sadly, this is the only pic I have of my main man Duane “Sweets” Watson so it will have to do. Q, I didn’t mean to put your crazy throwback NJ Nets ensemble on blast like that on some 2003 shit. Duane, I didn’t mean for Q’s outfit to outshine you in your own bday greetings post.

Regardless, I got dunked on this day on a fastbreak by none other than Sweets and I will never forget it. Bastard, have a great bday!

Have a good one, and yes everyone..he is wearing OG Caroline Blue Jordan IX’s and an OG TBG tee before they came back out. You are not worthy.


30 04 2009

bark, originally uploaded by sizzled.



2 swift household

30 04 2009

little ives, originally uploaded by sizzled.

oh yeah, so you know Big Ives huh?

well I knew him when he was still Little Ives, so there.

this place

29 04 2009

Rain13, originally uploaded by sizzled.

is cruel, nowhere could be much colder
if we don’t change the world will soon be over


29 04 2009

city, originally uploaded by sizzled.

just enough, just enough for the city

Invisible City (Trailer)

28 04 2009

I’ve never checked out any hotdocs festival films before, but given my recent inclination towards film and moving pictures in general, I am definitely getting out there this weekend and going to see a couple films. The one that is getting the most press and acclaim also happens to be the one that interests me the most(other than the Burma conflict doc) so here’s a look at the trailer. I’ve been riding a streetcar that goes right through Regent Park since I was 12 years old, so I have seen my fair share of Regent Park residents and observed things about their life from afar for many years. I’m excited to see how this historic neighbourhood on the threshold of massive changes is portrayed.  Here’s more info and a list of times it is playing.

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28 04 2009

Korea, originally uploaded by sizzled.

remember that one year when Korea did really well in the world cup and completely surprised everyone? well, this picture was taken at the height of that and these 2 dudes were very proud.

above the clouds

28 04 2009

sky rica, originally uploaded by sizzled.

“the maker, owner, plus soul controller/ayatollah, rest in the sky/the clouds my sofa..”


28 04 2009

stumpy, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i’m not sure if i even like this carving to be honest, but the day that i saw it was one that i’ll never forget so posting this pic still gives me a good feeling regardless.


27 04 2009

Dever Niser NSF 1997, originally uploaded by sizzled.

my philly fam, stand up!

one of the many panels that got done on a beautiful day in the late 90’s in the barbecue yard.