bike boots

31 08 2009

best boots, originally uploaded by sizzled.

one day you’ll get used to seeing your pretty face in pictures.
one day.


31 08 2009

phony, originally uploaded by sizzled.

to the assmuncher who stole my iphone off the counter at my work a couple weeks ago, you will get yours. it may not be at my hand, but when that statement comes in with the outgoing numbers you’s on you p.o.s.

dennis takes brooklyn

31 08 2009

dennis p, originally uploaded by sizzled.

hi dennis. hope you’re settling in. we miss you big homie!


31 08 2009

CNE Night Fun, originally uploaded by ariehsinger.

will someone please come to the Ex with me before it’s over? i will win a giant bear for whoever is down

chef weezy

31 08 2009

chef, originally uploaded by sizzled.

so we have been meeting in secret once a week for a friendly potluck known simply as barbecueorboogaloo aka rap dinner party.

so far we have been keeping it a strictly friends and family event for the many serious foodies and lovers of cuisine in our peer group but there’s a strong chance we could definitely turn this into a full scale event so stay tuned.

this picture is from the first week we did this and it has already grown a lot.

lauren, we see you! enjoy your time in hali.


13 08 2009

compound, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i could use a bit more of this in my life.

Cratery 7: Suburban Gluttony

10 08 2009


Cratery is brought to you by: Tiger Beer, Molson Canadian, Little Ceasars Crazy Breads (don’t sleep on the marinara), a coupla blunts, a FLY STUDI-UDIO and the hommies Butch (congrats on the little one!), Tink(for the title), Heistro Fresh S (for the jokes and blunts), yours truly and Attic (for just being Pee).Arcee held it down (literally, keep up the good work with the detox, holmes!)

Fueled by: good people like you. so pat yourself on the back, crack a Tiger and lounge to the sounds of CRATERY 7: SUBURBAN GLUTTONY. 


1. Ray Draper “Let my people go”
2. Gal Costa “Se voce pensa”
3. Deirdre Wilson Tabac “Get back”
4. If “Fly fly the route, shoot”
5. Moonshade “Heavy Lace”
6. Willie Hutch “A love that’s worth having”
7. Dorothy Ashby “Joyful grass & grape”
8. Brothers By Choice “Baby, you really got me going”
9. Solomon Burke “Thanks, I needed that”
10. The Endeavours “Sexy Woman”
11. The Three Pieces “Backed up against the wall”
12. Sir Mack Rice “Dark Skin Woman pt. 1″
13. Pretty Things “Cries from the midnight circus”
14. Crow “Gonna leave a mark”
15. Marcus Belgrave “Space odyssey”
16. Bob James “Love power”