26 09 2009

prak, originally uploaded by sizzled.

the sun rays felt like warm hands on my back
the wind whispered about the dreams i would soon live
the grass moved aside to welcome us
watching that same sun fade into splashes of colour in the sky is all i ever needed

9 dollar lock

19 09 2009

Work37, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i always loved the shadow in this picture

dirt on you doggie v.6

19 09 2009

Pee-Thug, originally uploaded by sizzled.

who peed in his cornflakes? bonus points for mindbender with locks, mike jansen aka hidden face and i think that’s nova’s back. what up cap! hello richard!


19 09 2009

ridges, originally uploaded by sizzled.

whatup shig?

buzz howl pt 7

19 09 2009

keesha’s fav, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this was the one i wanted to take home and frame. probably was too floored by the scope of the installation to actually do anything except shoot it and walk away dazed.

Cratery 8: Eightery feat. Skratch Bastid

8 09 2009


Aiight peoples.. I know y’all have been waitin’ impatiently for the next Cratery (my email inbox will attest to that) but first, a few words. I can’t begin to explain how happy I am that this Cratery thing has been going on strong for the past 8 MONTHS! I can’t speak for Arcee, but The fact that we’ve been able to completely nerd-out and turn several smokeout/ sessions into something productive is pretty amazing. I must say it’s an honor to have the one & only Skratch Bastid as a guest on this edition of Cratery. Not only is he heavy in the game of  record knowledge/ music appreciation, Bastid’s proven time and time again to be one of the most on-point, versatile,party-rocking DJ’s out right now. PERIOD . Said it. Super big dope shouts to all y’all that consistently DL/stream-while-cleaning-the-crib/BBQ’ing/Boogaloo’ing/whatever. Y’all are the best!

In terms of joints rocked on here, peep the trcklist. we’re going all over the map here on some soul, psych, jazz jawns . Enjoy. And don’t forget to leave a comment giving us our damn due propers. the order is: Bastid,Arcee, then  myself.


1-LeRoy Hutson/Never know what you can do

2-9th Creation/Quit it

3-Travis Biggs/Tibetan Serenity

4-Dizzy Gillespie and Lalo Schifrin/The Last Strike at Midnight

5-Bunky Green/Chillon

6-Kin Ping Meh/Livable Ways

7-Jukka Tolonen/Northern Lights

8-Titanic/Love is Love

9-Embryo/Music of Today

10-King Errisson/Listen to the Music

11-Marlena Shaw/Say a good word

12-Super Hits/Running Away

13-Sesame Street/I’m gonna love you just a little more, babe

14-Jimmy Smith/I’m gonna love you just a little more, babe

15-Professor Lett and Study/Green Power

google me

4 09 2009

fashion google, originally uploaded by sizzled.

farm, farm biz