26 10 2009


Who remembers cassette’s? I gotta say that personally, they were omnipresent in my life in the early days of not only recording my favourite radio shows, but also concocting my own mixes onto. In this day & age of instant-ipod-mp3-player-quick-download-gratification it’s easy to see how someone who was once so loyal to this medium, has  faltered. Blame it on the ol’ times-a-changin’… In realizing that there were some technical difficulties in recording the last Cratery that hadnt been rectified since,  and Arcee & myself came to grips with what was the surest reaity in making sure it happened:CASSETTE.

Here’s the deal: 90 minutes of music. on a 90 minute cassette. me & Arcee going 3-for-3.


CRATERY 3 X 3 = The 90 Minute Cassette.

Harvey Mandel “Cristo Redentor”2-
Louie Shelton “Evolution”
3-Phil Upchurch “Sitar Soul”4-
Jackie and Roy “Deus Brasileiro”
5-Tamba 4 “Pensando”6-
Waltel Branco “Meu Balanco”
7-CCS “Wade in the water”
8-Zylan “Back in Yesterday”
9-Gypsy “Antithesis”10-
The Fatback Band “Baby Doll”
11-Tyrone Washington “Submission”
12-Astrud Gilberto “Take it easy my brother Charlie”

-13-The Quick “Zulu (instrumental)”
14-Mojoba “Disco Music”
15-Merry Clayton “How’d I Know”
16-Renee Geyer Band “Love’s got a hold”17-
Muscle Shoals Horns “Addicted to your love”
18-Crown Heights Affair “I am Me”
19-Monk Montgomery “Reality”
20-The Simon Park Orchestra “Dawn to Dusk”
21-Mystic Moods “Cosmic Sea”
22-London Experimental Jazz Quartet “Destroy the Nihilist Picnic”
23-101 Strings “Flameout
”24-Idris Muhammad “Loran’s Dance”

Cratery 9…90 minutes of that ol’ certified-Cratery ruggedness.

Even if we ain’t on-time we’re always on point.