Cratery 10

1 11 2009


Fall keeps on fallin’ and as we slide into the brisker weather the hommies at Cratery keep on. This week was a real pleasure to  a)  get to go diggin at spots I haven’t been to in a hot minute b) hang out with friends and nerdout and c)hear some hot joints I hadn’t heard yet. All in all, it was a fun day with some finds for all the parties involved.  Word to (Sound) Burger.

Cratery. We do this for y’all. So comment. Let us know how you feel.The  1-year mark is almost upon us, so we’ve been bouncing ideas back & forth for the 12th edition. It’d be interesting to see what y’all thought.


“Cratery 10… No signs of slowin’, motherfuckers””


1-Webster Lewis-“you are my life”
2-Kleeer-“I love to dance”
3-Brainstorm-“wake up and be somebody”
4-Bruton Music-“motion 3”
5-Eugene Record-“fam the fire”
6-Skyy-“call me”
7-Komiko-“Feel Alright”
8-Nite-Liters-“I’ve got my dreams to Remember”
9-5 Stairsteps & Cubie-“Love’s Happening”
10-Stouffville Grit-“Diana by the Sea
11-Keef Hartley-“Imitations from Home”
12-Little Boy Blues-“Seed of Love”
13-Jane Birkin-“Jane B.”
14-Guy Pedersen-“Christopher Columbus”
15-Egg-“Germ Patrol”
16-Jim Capaldi-“Wild dogs”




One response

4 11 2009

Serious f*cking tight boogie!

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