CRATERY 14: O.S.T Edition w/ Murr

24 02 2010

O.S.T: Original Sound Track. For most people, those words conjure up some mundane image of a women jaunting through fields of grass while a lush string arrangement plays, or it may just remind you of that god-awful People Under The Stairs record. Luckily, the good people at Cratery (read: myself & the hommie Arcee) know better than that. We know that soundtracks offer a wide range of heatery, from blaxploitation chase-scene wah-wah and percussion, to the fuzz and flanged fury offered up in grindhouse (or “psychsploitation”) films, sheeit even throw in the oft-sampled oddness of the La Planete Sauvage. Soundtracks are the shit. I can’t think of anyone who has informed my decision to shop in the Soundtrack section of the record shop more than Nick Murray AKA Mr. Murray of the Grassroots AKA Murr of LAL. Dude is a talented producer who’s beats and soundscapes have a very soundtrack-esque quality, so it’s only right that he joins us on the 14th (!) Cratery. For every dope movie there’s a dope soundtrack, but let’s be honest here,Even some of the movies whose soundtracks we’ve coveted SUCK, but there’s  a certain aesthetic to the way that the music sounds and feels that’s unlike any other genre of music, while still being indebted to previous musical forms.

In this edition, we don’t give out the name of the artist, but we give you the name of the soundtrack, so go out there, get them fingers dusty and thank us later.  And oh yeah, don’t forget to comment, y’all- good or bad. It’s appreciated.

Cratery 14: OST Edition feat. Murr

Bonus Session


1. Psych-Out
2. Up Tight [interlude]
3. An Unmarried Woman
4. L’Initiation [interlude]
5. Shaft
6. Cool Breeze
7. T.R. Baskin
8. The Final Comedown
9. R.P.M
10. Enter The Dragon
11. The Thief Who Came To Dinner
12. La Planete Sauvage
13. The Adventurer
14. Theme from “Stavisky”
15. Hair
16. Shaft In Africa
17. Coffy  [interlude]
18. L’Aube
19. Short Eyes [interlude/outro]

randomness abounds

21 02 2010

randomness abounds, originally uploaded by sizzled.

The 2 guys at the top of this feed do not know each other or have each other on facebook. I love it when shit like this happens.

3 the hard way

16 02 2010

3 the hard way, originally uploaded by sizzled.


tree dee grasses

16 02 2010

tree dee grasses, originally uploaded by sizzled.



16 02 2010

keep it, originally uploaded by sizzled.

rewind if i haven’t blown your mind

to the

16 02 2010

to the, originally uploaded by sizzled.

motel, holiday inn


13 02 2010

feets, originally uploaded by sizzled.

don’t fail me now