26 04 2010

[photo credit: Dave Yan]

Cratery 16. As per usual we’ve put together a wide variety of dope music (but sorry folks, no African disco)  for you and yours to enjoy. For free. Simple. You download it. You listen to it. you comment and give us props and/or criticize us for our non VG+++ records and generally lax attitude towards mixing and audiophile sound quality of said Cratery.


Don’t forget to comment if you’ve DL’ed this shit. Speak the fuck up.


1. Boris Gardiner/Melting Pot
2. The Gaylords of Dominica/Wicked World Outside
3. Johnny Clarke/Declaration of Rights
4. Soul Explosion Band/Captivity
5. Billy Stewart/Cross my Heart
6. Shades of Brown/Garbage Man
7. Freddie Robinson/Smoking
8. Blue Mitchell/Collision in Black
9. Earth Wind and Fire/Bad Tune
10. Doug Carn/Higher Ground
11. Roy Ayers Ubiquity/A Tear to a Smile
12. Volker Kriegel/Mindwell
13. Pete Jolly/Springs
14. Pride/A Home*
15. Glass Prism/Extention 68
16. *Unlisted*
17. Funkadelic/I’ll Stay

*for the big homie Sipreano!

CRATERY 15 *late pass*

26 04 2010

The arrival of Cratery 15 signals two things: 1. An official Cratery logo + design. 2. A brand new format for this month.

First off, a big thank you to Sean Davison (Creative Director, Maclaren McCann) for helping us bring our monthly dig diary to life with its own logo + look.  Hope y’all like it. Just the first of more new Cratery related newness to come.  And special thanks to this month’s official Cratery photog, DJ Serious – who was nice enough to join us on the first of many dig days this March.

This month, we’ve traded our traditional “1 for 1” format for two 30 minute sets from myself and the hommie Kaeweezy. I end up somewhere in the African/Latin/Rock space (Mandingo, Chakachas, Fever Tree), leaving Kae to mess around in the Jazz/Soul/Oddball realm (Cleveland Eaton, Julius Brockington, Synthesis).  In simple terms, another hour of ill shit – on us.  Cratery 15. A to the motherf****n’ Kae, homeboy. A to the motherf****n’ Kae. – ARCEE


Mandingo/Watching and Waiting
Chakachas/El Canyon Rojo
Manu Dibango/Pepe Soup
Monomono/Find Out
Exile One/You have lost the battle
Ginger Baker/The Winner
Fever Tree/Don’t come crying to me girl
Hugo Montenegro/Undun
Joe Thomas/Chitlins and Chuchifritos


Cleveland Eaton/All your lover, all day, all night
The Fatback Band/Love
Roy Ayers/Baby you give me a feeling
Synthesis/City Song
Marie Rottrova/Time is a rogue
Harnell/For a brief time
Herb Geller/Space a la Mode
Streetdancer/Journey into the night
Julius Brockington/Got to be there


spliff huxtable

25 04 2010

spliff huxtable, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this is the look of promoter angst.


25 04 2010

irs, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this one is for arcee on some binders on pizza boxes type shhhhh.


25 04 2010

creeeeep, originally uploaded by sizzled.

hey, dollface. come here often?

inside outside

25 04 2010

inside outside, originally uploaded by sizzled.

home is where the art is


19 04 2010

reflect, originally uploaded by sizzled.

reflection is a collection of memories