Cratery 18: The Vangover

21 06 2010

“Both the hommie Kaewonder and I recently spent some time on the left coast.  This month’s Cratery represents the fruits of our visit. I love shopping for records in a different town. Especially when that town is Vancouver. I was fortunate enough to stumble across a copy of J.R. Bailey’s “Just me and you”, Nina Simone’s “Is it Finished” LP, Bad Medicine’s “Trespasser” 45 and a copy of Marlena Shaw’s Spice of Life LP to name a few. There are definitely some records in Vancouver. And no one knows that better than the big hommie Sipreano, record guru extraordinaire. Thank you sir. For your hospitality. And your record collection. And so, in the aftermath of 2 weeks spent binging on records, alcohol and herb, we present to you, Cratery 18: The Vangover. Enjoy. ” – ARCEE

Track list and download after the cut.


1. Galt McDermot “Let the Sun Shine In”
2. George Shearing “Aquarius”
3. Groove Holmes “No Trouble on the Mountain”
4. Strutt “Said you didn’t love her (instrumental)”
5. Bob Williams “I’m Alright (part 1)”
6. Grupo Irakere “Bacalao Con Pan”
7. Nina Simone “Funkier than a Mosquito’s tweeter”
8. Rotary Connection “Memory Band”
9. The Poppy Family “Beyond the Clouds”
10. The National Gallery “Pond with Swans”
11. Marlena Shaw “Where can I go?”
12. Mavis Staples “What happened to the real me?”
13. Bad Medicine “Trespasser (part 2)”
15. Soul Hustlers “Super Party (part 1)”
16. Au Pairs “Headache for Michelle”
17. Marva Josie “He does it better”


Cratery 17 *late pass*

21 06 2010

“So. I grew a beard for four months.  Then I cut it off. But not without having some fun with a few of the hommies first.  Gotta shout my mans Clif, Darren G and my man Joe Cruz for lining me up nicely at the official De-Bearding. And my man Serious aka David Yan for trekking down to take some crazy flicks. Mad appreciated fellas. But I would be positively heartless if I neglected to mention my partner in crime, Kaewonder, with whom I share the distinction of rocking my first clean shaven Cratery. Turns out I haven’t been clean-shaven in 17 years. That almost makes Cratery 17 somewhat significant. If you’re me. Enjoy.” – ARCEE

Track list and download after the jump.


1. Starfire “Make The Most Of It”
2. Hidden Strength”All we need Is Time”
3. Linda Tillery “Markin’ Time”
4. Dr.Music “In My Life”
5. Sugarloaf “Mother Nature’s Wine”
6. Isis-”April Fool”
7. Ruby Andrews “My Love Is Comin Down”
8. Maxine Brown “See And Dont See”
9. Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger “Indian Rope Man”
10. Zoo “If You Lose Your Woman”
11. Don Covay “If There’s A Will, There’s A Way”
12. Assagai “Cocoa”
13. Ramsey Lewis “Uhuru”
14. Gary Burton Trio “Vibrafinger”
15. Phillip Upchurch “As you said”
16. John Payne Band “New Spaces”



13 06 2010

Kliban-ner, originally uploaded by sizzled.

my parents used to have all this dude’s books and it’s part of what made me such a weirdo


5 06 2010

waka waka, originally uploaded by sizzled.


5 06 2010

coming soon, originally uploaded by sizzled.

photo credit-ali stark


1 06 2010

Sizzabalance2, originally uploaded by sizzled.

3 things i used to be really into:

baggy clothes
basketball jerseys

i didn’t take this

1 06 2010

St Clair 3, originally uploaded by sizzled.

but i’d probably take one just like it given the opportunity