Cratery 17 *late pass*

21 06 2010

“So. I grew a beard for four months.  Then I cut it off. But not without having some fun with a few of the hommies first.  Gotta shout my mans Clif, Darren G and my man Joe Cruz for lining me up nicely at the official De-Bearding. And my man Serious aka David Yan for trekking down to take some crazy flicks. Mad appreciated fellas. But I would be positively heartless if I neglected to mention my partner in crime, Kaewonder, with whom I share the distinction of rocking my first clean shaven Cratery. Turns out I haven’t been clean-shaven in 17 years. That almost makes Cratery 17 somewhat significant. If you’re me. Enjoy.” – ARCEE

Track list and download after the jump.


1. Starfire “Make The Most Of It”
2. Hidden Strength”All we need Is Time”
3. Linda Tillery “Markin’ Time”
4. Dr.Music “In My Life”
5. Sugarloaf “Mother Nature’s Wine”
6. Isis-”April Fool”
7. Ruby Andrews “My Love Is Comin Down”
8. Maxine Brown “See And Dont See”
9. Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger “Indian Rope Man”
10. Zoo “If You Lose Your Woman”
11. Don Covay “If There’s A Will, There’s A Way”
12. Assagai “Cocoa”
13. Ramsey Lewis “Uhuru”
14. Gary Burton Trio “Vibrafinger”
15. Phillip Upchurch “As you said”
16. John Payne Band “New Spaces”





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