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18 08 2010

Any devoted barbecueorboogaloo’ers wanna hook a mulatto up?




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19 08 2010

What y’all got on my ‘cebo’s?

26 08 2010

Yo Ace,

You want digital versions or are you selling the above 7″. I got the 3 placebo albums (repress, I aint rich ya know) but I also have the Marc Moulin Placebo sessions and the 3 disc boxset if you need to pump up the seratos..


26 08 2010

much appreciated, but I needs an OG…
Got the Placebo sessions, etc, but I’ve been looking for an OG for over a coupla yrs. I remember when these records were under $1000 each. those days are gone.

12 10 2010

Yo Kaeweezy, it only took me 2 months to reply…well, because I forgot….

There’s a dealer here in AMS that may have an OG and yes, under a grand – while in Belgium a few months back, I tracked down an OG of Ball of Eyes and the dude was selling a vg+ copy for 300 Euro.

Hit me up at my email and I’ll see if I can help you find a few out here. BTW all three albums have been reissued (yeah, re-ish) here in Europe, questionable whether they are legit reissues or bootlegs, either way 1973 is gorgeously done, Ball of Eyes sounds great but the cover is a little questionable (yes, gatefold) and the other white album sounds great.

Greg daShank

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