28 10 2010

, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i think i’ve seen this guy’s work before, it’s always in the same spot outside what appears to be a gallery on Dundas West near The Red Light.

Danger Due To Excavated Pit

28 10 2010

Excavated pit, originally uploaded by sizzled.

which is of course different than a sinkhole

i ain’t mister softee

28 10 2010

i ain’t mister softee, originally uploaded by sizzled.

with an undertone of rust

bright up there

27 10 2010

up there, originally uploaded by sizzled.

see dark up there for contrast


27 10 2010

creepy, originally uploaded by sizzled.

day glo apparitions

hollow weiner

27 10 2010

brainkin, originally uploaded by sizzled.

q-what are you going to be for halloween this year?


25 10 2010

Okay, so I’m about to be dead-honest here. I’ve yet to make my pilgrimage to the almighty NYC, and for that, I’m ashamed. Only my close friends know this fact, and I’m usually met with vacant, blank stares when asked if I’ve been to Shake Shack or Good Records, or to Marco’s crib, or to anywhere in motherfucking New York City. A series of unfortunate events have left me at the last minute not being able to make it. It sucks. Just thought I’d share that. So, NY friends, don’t be surprised when i call you up like “I’ma be there in a few days” and possibly don’t show up. Take it as a sign of my shitty luck/scheduling. Beez like that sometimes…

Oh, and check out my homie  Ghetto Gold Matt’s rugged NYC rap mix HERE. it is quite “thugly” if I do say so myself.