Stove closed

15 10 2011

Stove closed, originally uploaded by sizzled.

it’s much easier to bake a pie when



One response

24 10 2011

Having gone to some lengths to draught-proof my house, and wanting to fit a wood stove, I am a bit reluctant to just make a hole in the wall as an air supply for the stove – and anyway, the stove isn’t going to be near an external wall. So I am thinking of using the air from below the suspended floor – closed combustion.

With this set-up, there’d be no draughts. how to grow hair faster
However, imagine when the stove is unlit ( most of the time ), cold air from under the floor will be warmed in the stove and chimney, and flow out the top – so though there won’t be cold outside air coming into the house, it will flow through the stove and cool the house down possibly as much as the air flowing directly into the house would. I guess I could stop this air flow with a system of closing the flue. Is this done as standard?

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