Psych & Soul

15 05 2010

psych & soul

Every Sunday at La Hacienda (640 Queen St. W) from 10pm til last call (2AM), yours truly (Kaewonder) plays Psych rock and soul records for your general amusement and pleasure.The Grumpy Owl slings the drinks, Sometimes we have special guests. This week’s special guest is none other than famed Canadian producer Ian Blurton (his list of acclaim is quite impressive, although I’m too lazy to list it here, so I’ll just y’all the wiki page) he’s been collecting vinyl for YEARS, and has an ear for the weirder pieces of black wax out there in addition to a collection that would make a lot of lesser-collectors (myself included) cry.

Expect to hear some bugged-out joints that you may never hear in the setting provided.I’ve put together a little 45 minute mix with the kind of stuff that you can expect to hear every Sunday, which can be downloaded here.

Hope to see y’all out this Sunday night!


26 04 2010

[photo credit: Dave Yan]

Cratery 16. As per usual we’ve put together a wide variety of dope music (but sorry folks, no African disco)  for you and yours to enjoy. For free. Simple. You download it. You listen to it. you comment and give us props and/or criticize us for our non VG+++ records and generally lax attitude towards mixing and audiophile sound quality of said Cratery.


Don’t forget to comment if you’ve DL’ed this shit. Speak the fuck up.


1. Boris Gardiner/Melting Pot
2. The Gaylords of Dominica/Wicked World Outside
3. Johnny Clarke/Declaration of Rights
4. Soul Explosion Band/Captivity
5. Billy Stewart/Cross my Heart
6. Shades of Brown/Garbage Man
7. Freddie Robinson/Smoking
8. Blue Mitchell/Collision in Black
9. Earth Wind and Fire/Bad Tune
10. Doug Carn/Higher Ground
11. Roy Ayers Ubiquity/A Tear to a Smile
12. Volker Kriegel/Mindwell
13. Pete Jolly/Springs
14. Pride/A Home*
15. Glass Prism/Extention 68
16. *Unlisted*
17. Funkadelic/I’ll Stay

*for the big homie Sipreano!

CRATERY 15 *late pass*

26 04 2010

The arrival of Cratery 15 signals two things: 1. An official Cratery logo + design. 2. A brand new format for this month.

First off, a big thank you to Sean Davison (Creative Director, Maclaren McCann) for helping us bring our monthly dig diary to life with its own logo + look.  Hope y’all like it. Just the first of more new Cratery related newness to come.  And special thanks to this month’s official Cratery photog, DJ Serious – who was nice enough to join us on the first of many dig days this March.

This month, we’ve traded our traditional “1 for 1” format for two 30 minute sets from myself and the hommie Kaeweezy. I end up somewhere in the African/Latin/Rock space (Mandingo, Chakachas, Fever Tree), leaving Kae to mess around in the Jazz/Soul/Oddball realm (Cleveland Eaton, Julius Brockington, Synthesis).  In simple terms, another hour of ill shit – on us.  Cratery 15. A to the motherf****n’ Kae, homeboy. A to the motherf****n’ Kae. – ARCEE


Mandingo/Watching and Waiting
Chakachas/El Canyon Rojo
Manu Dibango/Pepe Soup
Monomono/Find Out
Exile One/You have lost the battle
Ginger Baker/The Winner
Fever Tree/Don’t come crying to me girl
Hugo Montenegro/Undun
Joe Thomas/Chitlins and Chuchifritos


Cleveland Eaton/All your lover, all day, all night
The Fatback Band/Love
Roy Ayers/Baby you give me a feeling
Synthesis/City Song
Marie Rottrova/Time is a rogue
Harnell/For a brief time
Herb Geller/Space a la Mode
Streetdancer/Journey into the night
Julius Brockington/Got to be there


CRATERY 14: O.S.T Edition w/ Murr

24 02 2010

O.S.T: Original Sound Track. For most people, those words conjure up some mundane image of a women jaunting through fields of grass while a lush string arrangement plays, or it may just remind you of that god-awful People Under The Stairs record. Luckily, the good people at Cratery (read: myself & the hommie Arcee) know better than that. We know that soundtracks offer a wide range of heatery, from blaxploitation chase-scene wah-wah and percussion, to the fuzz and flanged fury offered up in grindhouse (or “psychsploitation”) films, sheeit even throw in the oft-sampled oddness of the La Planete Sauvage. Soundtracks are the shit. I can’t think of anyone who has informed my decision to shop in the Soundtrack section of the record shop more than Nick Murray AKA Mr. Murray of the Grassroots AKA Murr of LAL. Dude is a talented producer who’s beats and soundscapes have a very soundtrack-esque quality, so it’s only right that he joins us on the 14th (!) Cratery. For every dope movie there’s a dope soundtrack, but let’s be honest here,Even some of the movies whose soundtracks we’ve coveted SUCK, but there’s  a certain aesthetic to the way that the music sounds and feels that’s unlike any other genre of music, while still being indebted to previous musical forms.

In this edition, we don’t give out the name of the artist, but we give you the name of the soundtrack, so go out there, get them fingers dusty and thank us later.  And oh yeah, don’t forget to comment, y’all- good or bad. It’s appreciated.

Cratery 14: OST Edition feat. Murr

Bonus Session


1. Psych-Out
2. Up Tight [interlude]
3. An Unmarried Woman
4. L’Initiation [interlude]
5. Shaft
6. Cool Breeze
7. T.R. Baskin
8. The Final Comedown
9. R.P.M
10. Enter The Dragon
11. The Thief Who Came To Dinner
12. La Planete Sauvage
13. The Adventurer
14. Theme from “Stavisky”
15. Hair
16. Shaft In Africa
17. Coffy  [interlude]
18. L’Aube
19. Short Eyes [interlude/outro]

20 questions with eljayII

8 02 2010

eljayii, originally uploaded by sizzled.

The artist formerly known as lil’ jaz has a new project that we fully endorse. This sentence has an array of links for you to click and familiarize yourself with his new and previous work. We asked him some impromptu questions last week that we feel paint a picture of the inner workings of this mad musical turntable scientist.

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Cratery 11

1 12 2009


Cratery 11. We’re still going strong.  For this edition, me & Arcee (of the real frequency)

decided to give y’all a little more than just joints and a tracklisting this time. Being that it was both myself and Arcee’s birthday towards the end of the month, we decided to write something about the significance of each track played and how why we decided to put them on there.


1-AR: Minnie Riperton “Every time he comes around”
Probably my favourite Minnie Riperton joint.

2-K: David Axelrod-” A Divine Image”

When most people think of their favorite producers they rattle off names like “Preem,Extra P,Dre,RZA,et. al” and not that there’s a gotdamn thing wrong with that, I like to throw Axelrod in there just to confuse those not up on game.This LP was always considered a “grail” when I was coming up digging, and as herbed-out as that seems in hindsight , I’ve always felt as though that was a rightful title.

3. AR: Gil Scot Heron “Lady Day and John Coltrane”

I play this when it rains. This joint is like every shade of grey.

4-K: Donald Byrd-“Wind Parade”

as much as my selections this month are  verge on “spot-that-sample”, I do feel as though it’s important to shed light on the fact that I got my  start in looking for records through being curious about what was being used on my favorite rap records.

Plus, this joint has been a  classic from the moment it came out. Blaze an el to this one.

5- AR: Marvin Gaye/Life is for learning
I always have a new favourite Marvin joint.  Follow the bass player on this one.

6- K: The Reflections “(she’s my) Summer Breeze”

I got this 45 recently courtesy of the homie Catalist. The string/bassline interplay on this is incredible. Produced by  Mr. “Just Me & You”  himself J.R. Bailey, which explains why the string arrangement is so fire. PEEP. The joke about this record is that the hommie A.R just got the LP  and let’s just say, it’s not quite as good. 45 wins.

7. AR: Leroy Hutson “I think I’m falling in love”

Got caught trying to steal this, years ago in Detroit.  I don’t steal records any more.

8-K: Milton Wright-“Get No Lovin’ Tonight”

from the infamous “Friends & Buddies” LP on Alston, courtesy of  Johnbronski.This was one of the joints that really stuck with me when I first heard it, and changed my perception of post-’74 soul.There’s something really soulful, but kinda eerie about it, on some ARP shit.

9. AR: James Brown “You Mother You”

Tribe, Main Source, Pete Rock, Brand Nubian and Biz all enjoyed this album.  So do I.

10-K: Mock Duck-“Do-Re-Mi”

An extremely thoughtful gift from my friend Sipreano, who featured this same track on his stellar mix for Sandanista.One of my top 10 psych joints EVER. Everything about this song embodies why I like psych.Extra points for being from my place of birth (Vancity!).

11-AR: Cymande “The Recluse”

One of the first albums I was geeked on finding.  I play this song more than “Brothers on the Slide”.

12-The Silouhettes-“fonky first”

Got a package in the mail and opened it to find one my most sought-after LP’s (no eBay). Been looking for this record for let’s just say, a minute. Back in the day my homie Rudy was joking about the fact that Pete Rock had just flipped the record over for “Soul Brother no.1” (one side contains the vibe sample, while the other side had the break he used).Anyways, a gift from a good friend which will never leave the collection. This LP was produced by none other than Nathan Davis (diggers know). one of the best breaks EVER.

13-AR: Donovan “Get thy Bearings”
I love this record because it speaks to the genius of Biz’s digging.

14-K:Jean-Jacques Perry-E.V.A”

Got this record from legendary record dealer Ty Scammell out in Vancouver at “For The Record” in the flea market. Walked in, asked him if he had it, he said ‘yes’ and told me it would be $25. Came back the next week, it was sitting there,waiting for me in a crate. Unbeknownst to me, Birdapres (a fellow digger and future-friend) saw it that same day before I got there and was tryna get it offa Ty.   Do not get it twisted. This shit still knocks as hard as the day I first heard it. don’t front of the crunchy fuzz-guitar solo or the at the end, either.


15. AR: Little Beaver “Let the good times roll”
Little Beaver is the master of partying below 80 bpm.  And his name is Little Beaver.

16-K:Alain Clavier-“Metadata”

Fuzzed out, weird,disturbing (distressed female vocals, anyone?), and straight-up DUSTED, this is a recent find-turned-favorite. Originally recorded for a short film of the same name for the National Film Board of Canada and released on their small label offering “Musique Pour NFB” this record is not only rare, but an esteemed artifact of Canada’s spirited electronic music history.

17-AR: Tania Maria “Come with me”
One of the first records that convinced to me start digging in the 80’s section.

18-K:Cortex-“Huit Octobre 1971”

Absolutely stunning. I think I said something on Twitter to  MTL digger/producer/hermit Simahlak about not knowing a lick of French and that that added to the “mystique” of the LP. He then responded in French. Jokes on me, Jack.This song completely slays in everyway possible. The Fender Rhodes and synth tones are dope & all, but I’ve always felt as though the drummer on this record is bananas. The way the kit was recorded really translated well, especially years later in the hip hop world, as producers embraced and devoured the LP out of the  French jazz-rock outfits 1st LP I think .Cheaper than Placebo, but not inexpensive, by any means (unless your on that bullshit reissue shit- in which case cop it, but don’t look at me when you see me in the street*)

19. AR: Bobbi Humphrey-“Fancy Dancer”
I’ve been going hard on some Mizell Brothers lately.  This one had to come back out.

20-K:Bayete (Todd Cochrane)- ‘Free Angela (thoughts and all I’ve got to say)”

This song is incredible. I would highly recommend copping his “Worlds Around The Sun”LP on Prestige. As someone that enjoys a good break, this joint’s got a really unique sounding beat on it. the room tone (word to Murr) is great on it.Definitely not your crispy SP 1200-type boom-bap joints, but effective nonetheless.Alot of people know this record (at least sample wise) as being the basis for Jay Electronica’s “Dear Moleskine”, but I gotta say I ride for the previous De La usage (“Sunshine” from “Stakes Is High”)

21-AR: Patrice Rushen-“Remind me”
Quintessential “AR Music”.  A classic.

22-K: Hodges,Jmaes & Smith- Found this LP on one of my wildest digging trips. but I’ll save that story for later.

I remember once there was a half-price sale at Ric’s years ago (I don’t fux with that place no more) and my homegirl Anousheh was there. She found it and proceeded to play a joint from it on the store turntable three times. I was like “damn, that’s kinda fire” and did the old remember-that-cover game. 20th Century records always had that sound.

. *joking.

Cratery 10

1 11 2009


Fall keeps on fallin’ and as we slide into the brisker weather the hommies at Cratery keep on. This week was a real pleasure to  a)  get to go diggin at spots I haven’t been to in a hot minute b) hang out with friends and nerdout and c)hear some hot joints I hadn’t heard yet. All in all, it was a fun day with some finds for all the parties involved.  Word to (Sound) Burger.

Cratery. We do this for y’all. So comment. Let us know how you feel.The  1-year mark is almost upon us, so we’ve been bouncing ideas back & forth for the 12th edition. It’d be interesting to see what y’all thought.


“Cratery 10… No signs of slowin’, motherfuckers””


1-Webster Lewis-“you are my life”
2-Kleeer-“I love to dance”
3-Brainstorm-“wake up and be somebody”
4-Bruton Music-“motion 3”
5-Eugene Record-“fam the fire”
6-Skyy-“call me”
7-Komiko-“Feel Alright”
8-Nite-Liters-“I’ve got my dreams to Remember”
9-5 Stairsteps & Cubie-“Love’s Happening”
10-Stouffville Grit-“Diana by the Sea
11-Keef Hartley-“Imitations from Home”
12-Little Boy Blues-“Seed of Love”
13-Jane Birkin-“Jane B.”
14-Guy Pedersen-“Christopher Columbus”
15-Egg-“Germ Patrol”
16-Jim Capaldi-“Wild dogs”


26 10 2009


Who remembers cassette’s? I gotta say that personally, they were omnipresent in my life in the early days of not only recording my favourite radio shows, but also concocting my own mixes onto. In this day & age of instant-ipod-mp3-player-quick-download-gratification it’s easy to see how someone who was once so loyal to this medium, has  faltered. Blame it on the ol’ times-a-changin’… In realizing that there were some technical difficulties in recording the last Cratery that hadnt been rectified since,  and Arcee & myself came to grips with what was the surest reaity in making sure it happened:CASSETTE.

Here’s the deal: 90 minutes of music. on a 90 minute cassette. me & Arcee going 3-for-3.


CRATERY 3 X 3 = The 90 Minute Cassette.

Harvey Mandel “Cristo Redentor”2-
Louie Shelton “Evolution”
3-Phil Upchurch “Sitar Soul”4-
Jackie and Roy “Deus Brasileiro”
5-Tamba 4 “Pensando”6-
Waltel Branco “Meu Balanco”
7-CCS “Wade in the water”
8-Zylan “Back in Yesterday”
9-Gypsy “Antithesis”10-
The Fatback Band “Baby Doll”
11-Tyrone Washington “Submission”
12-Astrud Gilberto “Take it easy my brother Charlie”

-13-The Quick “Zulu (instrumental)”
14-Mojoba “Disco Music”
15-Merry Clayton “How’d I Know”
16-Renee Geyer Band “Love’s got a hold”17-
Muscle Shoals Horns “Addicted to your love”
18-Crown Heights Affair “I am Me”
19-Monk Montgomery “Reality”
20-The Simon Park Orchestra “Dawn to Dusk”
21-Mystic Moods “Cosmic Sea”
22-London Experimental Jazz Quartet “Destroy the Nihilist Picnic”
23-101 Strings “Flameout
”24-Idris Muhammad “Loran’s Dance”

Cratery 9…90 minutes of that ol’ certified-Cratery ruggedness.

Even if we ain’t on-time we’re always on point.

odd i ties

23 06 2009

Disconstage2, originally uploaded by sizzled.

so find your niche and generate some change to make it

or it’s all day all night all week the same shit

a bitch ain’t it? we’re all a bit jaded

photo from una mas oddities+the quartertones show circa 2001 or so. i don’t care if my folks are putting out music right now or not, they should be and the tunes shouldn’t ever be forgotten.

Grab a song from their album “The Scenic Route” right here.

Drunk Funk….

15 05 2009


I’m writing this post for Kaeweezy, but I cannot take credit for this 15 minute audio of his live set from Happy Seven Sundays @czehoski on Queen Street West.  Kaeweezy goes in on some sloppy funk and cuts it up like a rogue butcher!

Enjoy the mix, DOWNLOAD here.