25 08 2010

knock on wood

27 03 2010

Loves put this on flickr and i was transported to a time when krylon true blue was the only option

at least

8 01 2010

at least, originally uploaded by sizzled.

it won’t be raining when i’m in vancouver!
note to self:pack patagonia shell


4 12 2009

Chaos, originally uploaded by sizzled.

another picture of how clean and organized the paint section at walmart can be.

this is one of those times when you actually understand why some stores lock up spray paint in a glass case. people are savages.

questions you shouldn’t ask the internet

30 11 2009

Picture 3, originally uploaded by sizzled.

“how big is a dime of weed” probably ranks #5 or so on that list.

also of note: how frequently people spell boogaloo with a “u”


9 06 2009

IMG_0475, originally uploaded by chris nise.

repping philthydelphia proper. fact: i mostly posted this to use the ‘drippy tags’ category

happy bday smer

1 05 2009

photo, originally uploaded by sizzled.

1 day late, but you already know. They don’t know about the SUC!