25 10 2010

Okay, so I’m about to be dead-honest here. I’ve yet to make my pilgrimage to the almighty NYC, and for that, I’m ashamed. Only my close friends know this fact, and I’m usually met with vacant, blank stares when asked if I’ve been to Shake Shack or Good Records, or to Marco’s crib, or to anywhere in motherfucking New York City. A series of unfortunate events have left me at the last minute not being able to make it. It sucks. Just thought I’d share that. So, NY friends, don’t be surprised when i call you up like “I’ma be there in a few days” and possibly don’t show up. Take it as a sign of my shitty luck/scheduling. Beez like that sometimes…

Oh, and check out my homie ¬†Ghetto Gold Matt’s rugged NYC rap mix HERE. it is quite “thugly” if I do say so myself.


the hands of doom

12 09 2010

rebel, originally uploaded by sizzled.

aka terroni rebel


20 03 2010

ifheavenwasamileaway, originally uploaded by sizzled.


scarlett fever

8 02 2010

finally watched lost in translation last night and i feel like i have to pay homage to one of the most lovely women in motion pictures today.

“being ultra-thin is not sexy at all.”-s.j.


6 02 2010

Mos Def , originally uploaded by avigold.

holiday workweek
mayday mother’s day
doomsday another day
teenage love built the teenage runaway
bang! number 9 off the chart pretty bullet
red on the wall
fear of god, fuck a bully
bey ghetto great great god googly moogly
maison monster mash main course and cookies
heads getting beaten over food getting eaten
this is hydro power in a dry white season
lawd, bring em out bring em out
see the cherokee chief raindancing through a drought
cloud break like chaka khan
set it off my power on
the little light grow large and don’t out at all


3 02 2010

hommies, originally uploaded by sizzled.

none other than the brother mans:

Dj Taktiks
Marco Polo

repping lovely at 24K Tuesdays, the barbecueorboogaloo endorsed weekly at Andy Poolhall in Toronto.

only in nyc

29 01 2010

Weird, originally uploaded by sizzled.

do you find really creepy puppet shows in the subway.