where’s jared?

2 09 2010

haa, originally uploaded by sizzled.


STOP V.1.2

24 08 2010

, originally uploaded by sizzled.

brought to you by the same awesome person who did the dmx sign. if anyone knows who’s work this is let us know.

STOP v.1.1

22 07 2010

, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this changed my life when i found it.

Meeting of The Minds

24 03 2010

This is but one of many pics taken one night after 24 Carat Tuesdays @ Andy Poolhall. Late night eats at Taste of China.

Not sure what it is that (L-R Benzo, Jaz and T.R.A.C.K.S) find so amusing, but whatever it was it must’ve been good.

shouts to the others in attendance that night,too. Pretty sure Bozack Morris was in the cut alongside Big Jacks (?), Arcee the homegirl Natalie, Asicks and myself (?) shouts to whomever I’ve forgotten. That was a great late night food flex with hella jokes and good times.

El Serioso.

22 03 2010

everybody’s favorite DJ/producer/photographer/technology consultant/boogie fiend DJ Serious ( Dave Yan) has gotten into collecting vintage camera’s. Guard ya grill, folks…

Random Tandem of Mandem

20 03 2010

Mandem, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i told Arcee about this picture a while back, might as well make it public domain.

tonight at 751 queen street west in toronto

13 03 2010

throwwed, originally uploaded by sizzled.

pimp c bitch/i keep a zoo up in my closet

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