thug passion thursdays part 5

18 12 2008

Teepee, originally uploaded by sizzled.

it’s thursday right?

back at it with my weekly installment of slang genius and innovation.

on this board we have 2 very special words that we appropriately dubbed end to end burners. basically any word that you can extend by adding letters to it and making it stretch from one end of the board to the other earns you major bragging rights and usually mad points too.

wyytieegitexded is the better of the 2 here. whitey g i texted in case you couldn’t make it out.

thug passion thursdays part 4

11 12 2008

teep, originally uploaded by sizzled.

wow, four weeks already? i might need to start playing this game more frequently if i want to keep this going.

continuing to promote our slang version of scrabble so appropriately named thug passion, i present the only board we’ve been lucky enough to have YEEEABOOI on.

thug passion thursdays part 3

5 12 2008

massiv, originally uploaded by sizzled.

except that it’s Friday already, does it count that I’m still up on what was Thursday?
probably not, but here’s another amazing board from our inventive and constantly evolving slang version of scrabble.

the best word here is probably igottohoe. what the real die hard and focused hooker would say when the chips were down.