Cratery #21

21 09 2010

This month, the Cratery crew decided to embark on a journey to Montreal for the f*ck of it. Heat was copped, food was eaten and in less than 12 hours later we were back on the road. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I love that city.The city is great beyond measure and every time I go I have immense fun. This visit was no exception. Shouts to Arcee and Serious and the various vinyl vendors that made this trip both fun and worthwhile. We owe this edition of Cratery to y’all…



17 01 2010

Spotted this just seconds after it was up (the glue was still wet). Kinda dope…


3 12 2008


Exhibit A


Exhibit B

Promo Mania

28 10 2008

Thank you November 1991 Source for bringing THE HEATERY.. I’m really not sure what I’m impressed more by:3rd Bass “Derelicts of Dialect” beer, the Ice-T O.GĀ  VHS cassette (holler if you hear me), or the fact that Stussy has remained the most consistent, relevant and innovativeĀ  brand out from “west coast Surfers dudes” to “hip-hop troopers” since 1991.

Lest we forget about the short-lived Dew-Doo Man records toilet paper (my most wanted rap promo item)

Str8 fire….

Anybody out there ever owned a pair of Sony CD550’s?


I’m curious to know whether they in fact provided “boomin bass, solid midrange and crisp highs”…

I’m all about “enjoying great sound performance” (whatever that means)….