Cratery 23 (pt. A) feat. Sipreano

22 12 2010

“The first of a 4-part Cratery featuring 2 of our favourite record nerds, Vancouver’s Sipreano and Toronto’s Jason Palma. On Session A, Sip goes one for one with Serious, Kaewonder and myself, sharing his love for all things Canadian, funky and undiscovered. Sip is not only responsible for breathing life into Light in the Attic’s “Jamaica to Toronto” compilation, but also the curator of the recently created He is also credited with creating the phrase “Rock Kokanee Flow”. Cratery 23: Session A featuring Sipreano. Enjoy.” – ARCEE

1. Art Snider/It was a very good year
2. Patsy Gallant/Raconte
3. Roger Simard/Mary Mary
4. Claude Leveilee/Les Geographes
5. Pepe Merto/Yagibushi
6. The Pharaohs/Freedom Time
7. Dom Um Romao/Escarvos de Jo
8. Cargo/Rural Route 1
9. The Invaders/Lost Time
10. Johnny Pate/Frustrating Disappointment
11. Motherlode/Quality of Leadership
12. Buster Williams/Noble Ego
14. Incredible Bongo Band/Sing Sing Sing
15. Terje Rypdal/Rolling Stone
16. Guy Rheaume/Des Cheveaux a Couper
17. Fullerton Dam/Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls
18. Manzel/Space Funk
19. Francois De Roubaix/Dernier Domicile Connu
20. Christphous Columbus/Puratoire Mood



22 11 2010

voluntary in nature. June 2010, Vancouver BC. ©

bug tote

2 09 2010

bug tote, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i feel some sort of bond with tugboats, like i identify with their struggle.


24 08 2010

halfacat, originally uploaded by sizzled.

aka nocus

when the east is in the house

24 08 2010

IMG_5295, originally uploaded by sizzled.


Be See too.

6 08 2010

Vancouver seen.

6 08 2010

shout out to the homie TSM.

Greenbeam too

3 08 2010

Dona Cata

29 07 2010
The big homie Sipreano holdin it down outside of Dona Cata (Vancouver, 2010)

good food. good times

the homie Sipreano brought me to this spot. the tacos were DOAP.

Velvet Fogg.

29 07 2010