sohoe unc

15 03 2010

SOHOEE, originally uploaded by kerfuffle2008.

the future of canadian graf is in good hands

20 questions with eljayII

8 02 2010

eljayii, originally uploaded by sizzled.

The artist formerly known as lil’ jaz has a new project that we fully endorse. This sentence has an array of links for you to click and familiarize yourself with his new and previous work. We asked him some impromptu questions last week that we feel paint a picture of the inner workings of this mad musical turntable scientist.

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may the force be with you

10 12 2009

Goodfoott27, originally uploaded by sizzled.


you eeeeeediot

30 11 2009

eediot, originally uploaded by sizzled.

you bloated sack of protoplasm!

Stoke 1993

26 11 2009

Stoke 1993, originally uploaded by sizzled.

yes, Toronto had an active graffiti scene before some of the current writers were able to tie their own shoes.

Stoke aka Wyse aka Sir Render with the ill highway hit.

Acknowledge the rep, pay homage respect.

Ren vs Scam

18 11 2009

in the ultimate battle to the death. who’s “pizza” will reign supreme?


4 09 2009

Cam Feds Rooftop Cear Tack Juel, originally uploaded by sizzled.

what about the roof times?