more cheap fame

7 01 2010

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28 05 2009

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I don’t think this counts as a “dirt on you doggie” since Arcee basically looks the same today with a slightly more grown up steez now that he’s a bad ass advertising guru.

However, this picture is amazing. I think he’s giving that girl a look because she walked right in on our Kodak moment, not because he thought she was stunningly gorgeous as this picture seems to imply.

I love stealing moments.

for skam

3 04 2009

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He posted up in the comments that he wanted more pics from the Nike-Sponsored sneaker show that we all exhibited in “pre-goodfoot” so here you have it. Not sure if he’s still holding both of these, but here’s pics of his gucci custom(word to the guy on dundas) white on white and the original Stussy Blazers with a limited print Skam tee.

Sneakers were so awesome at this point, few things made me get more amped.

my dirty laundry pt 2.

26 03 2009

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this is for all of you who don’t know or who just met me in the last few years. it’s also for those of you reading this somewhere that’s not Toronto who have absolutely no clue who acesix aka a6 aka aysicks aka asicks aka aysix aka asix aka ehsicks aka ace seis aka ace formerly of circle research, cryptik souls, and goodfoot/united front is.

i have been involved in many different aspects of hip-hop music and the culture that surround it, but making music and rapping is definitely what lots of people remember me for. i still get asked if i’m working on music or writing almost every month when i bump into someone i haven’t seen in a while.

so, at one point i was working on an EP that would have been put out on the indie label, Head Bop Music. yesh is a good friend since the late 90’s and before i started slacking on my macking, he was ready to put out a record for me. things happen, your focus shifts and i just plain stopped making music or writing raps altogether.

recently, i’ve been hearing a lot of new music out of this city by people who i don’t know. i’ve also been getting sneak previews of music from my peers from the generations past who are working on new stuff and it is totally inspiring me to pick up the mic again and finally put out an EP like i’ve always told myself i would.

so, in that spirit i’ve decided to offer up a download of an older song that i did with astro from circle research called “leverage”. he produced the beat and did the cuts. this was originally submitted for a compilation on Head Bop that never materialized, and was probably recorded in 2002.

i was trying to do something a little different on this, not just straight spit..i wanted to use my imagination a bit more. the main criticism that i got about this song was that the beat sounded kinda goofy, like a video game soundtrack. that was what i always liked about it, but some people might think this whole thing is a big nugget of poo. i’m fully prepared to accept that, so if you love it or hate it..just let me know. maybe that will be the final push i need to start writing rhymes again.

without further delays, here is your download link. LEVERAGE.

a lot of N’s

26 02 2009

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i used to have a thing for New Balance 574/576’s. i don’t have any of these anymore, but in 2002 you couldn’t tell me shit about NBeeez.

ehn bees

6 02 2009

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once upon a time(2001-2002) the new balance store on yonge just north of st.clair actually had some proper shoes in stock. nowadays? not so much.

dirt on you doggie

6 02 2009

Presto26, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Your Boy Brian and JR Ewing, consider yourselves put on blast.