Random Tandem of Mandem

20 03 2010

Mandem, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i told Arcee about this picture a while back, might as well make it public domain.


8 12 2009

416 5, originally uploaded by sizzled.

keeping the alleyways clean since the late 90’s. a true man of the people.
bummer that someone put a KPS tag over the crunk piece on this hat I gave him. at least he still has it and wears it though.


30 11 2009

Reflection, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i feel like the pictures this old ass digital camera took were amazing. everytime i look at this set of images from one of the last 416 graffiti expos i marvel at their clarity and feel.

this was probably my first attempt at the picture in the sunglasses reflection, big up Nik Timar for being my test subject.

Friday Fotos of Feet-4 of Em

12 06 2009





none of these are my feet, which is a first for this series

the early days

1 05 2009

Cam Feds 416 Graf Expo 1997, originally uploaded by sizzled.

my main man dennis chow might be a refined gentleman with a wife and big plans now, but at one point he was a reckless, beef starting, slick talking writer from EYB who could do pretty much anything with a spray can.