air max thuns

8 01 2010

AMT_NEW, originally uploaded by sizzled.

don’t call us thun..til we’re finished.

questions you shouldn’t ask the internet

30 11 2009

Picture 3, originally uploaded by sizzled.

“how big is a dime of weed” probably ranks #5 or so on that list.

also of note: how frequently people spell boogaloo with a “u”

happy birthday kaewonder

24 11 2009

yeh, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i first met this fine young man in 1997 at the bmg offices with rainbow if memory serves me correctly.

he couldn’t have been a day over 15 at the time and to see that earnest youngin turn into the well rounded dude and peer he now is puts a smile on my face.

i don’t have many close friends, and definitely not many “new” ones. It takes a special person to last 10 years in my life and in all honesty, i am just getting to really know kaelah since moving back to toronto in 2006.

congrats on making it to this first milestone, homie. i hope your 25th year is amazing and brings you perspective, growth and promise!


27 04 2009

sunset 15, originally uploaded by sizzled.

exhibit f

manuel-antonio, costa rica


26 03 2009

deck, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Today is clearly a day of giving, as I present to you a new mix from none other than my stromie, my homie, Kaewonder aka Kaeweezy aka Thoro Reggiano.

Perhaps he will want to update this post later with some more info about the vibe he was going for on this particular mix, but after giving it a listen this AM I can say it’s a mellow mix of breaks and beats that could get run at any time of day.

This may very well have been the meaning behind the title, but only Kae knows for sure.

From both of us here at barbecueorboogaloo, I would like to say thanks for reading and enjoy the mix.

1-Weldon Irvine-“music is the key”
2-The Cyrkle-“the visit”
3-Jack Wilkins-“Red Clay”
4-Ian Carr-“roots”
5-Eddie Henderson-“beyond forever”
6-Mike Longo-“island of might”
7-Zulema-“if this world were mine”
8-The Moments-“keep on loving you”
9-Astrud Gilberto-“make believe”
10-Smokey Robinson-“quiet storm”
11-Jon Lucien-“would you believe in me”
12-Sunrise Ltd-“Our Love will grow”
13-Jackie & Roy-“Good & Rich”


look up

19 03 2009

presentation, originally uploaded by sizzled.

changed the banner, sometimes it’s all about the presentation.


23 02 2009

Searched, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i am really curious who it was that searched “i love to smoke weed”