10 12 2009

fruity, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i swear this fence reminds me of painted novelty easter decorations like a house made of popsicle sticks or something.



9 12 2009

Flower, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i’m not a gangster and i hate thugs too
i’m just a nukka who paint a picture without a paintbrush to


8 12 2009

416 5, originally uploaded by sizzled.

keeping the alleyways clean since the late 90’s. a true man of the people.
bummer that someone put a KPS tag over the crunk piece on this hat I gave him. at least he still has it and wears it though.

(b)rainy day

3 04 2009

n.o.t.l. waterdrops, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Being stuck inside by the weather and also under the weather is one of those surefire recipes for thinking. There’s no particular order or theme to this post, I just feel like dumping some of these thoughts out rather than keeping them cooped up.

I miss a lot of things, but don’t have any regrets for those things evolving and changing into something that I don’t have a chance to do or enjoy as much. Some of them could easily become a regular occurrence, some had their time and place and will forever be part of my memories. This list includes, but is not limited to:

1. Ghazale Falafels late at night with the Cryptik Souls/Circle Research fam after parties in Kensington or on College Street.

2. Painting with Reslis and Dece, the city lost 2 of it’s brightest stars when you guys decided there were better ways to channel your creative energy. I’m not criticizing though fellas, I’ll support either of you no matter what venture you embark on.

3. Stomach Anvils with Gabe, Andy, Rainbow and whoever else we could drag down with us. The most memorable of all being the night that Rainbow and I walked from Fritz’s house in parkdale after being up for over 48 hours straight and caught handstyles in the alleys the whole way only to still arrive at Sneaky Disease over an hour before they actually opened. We just walked the alleys for another hour or so before coming back to eat the Stomach Anvil breakfast and ruin the rest of our day.

4. Making music. How did the process of mixing down and finalizing the Mulligan Stew album give me such a disdain for my creative process that I literally haven’t written 1 verse since then? I think I could have definitely done more with music and that bug is biting me a lot more these days.

5. Hanging out with Polo. I think a lot of my friends got used to me being gone when I was in Montreal and then the v2.0 that I became while working at G’ wasn’t a very good friend to anyone except my work and I know people felt dissed or disrespected so being back in Toronto wasn’t exactly the homecoming I expected.

6. Montreal, yeah I said it. I loved my 2 years here, shopping at Segal’s for cheap Organic Grocery items, Parc LaFontaine at night, working Fridays with Toddy and being on our hustle, listening to Jacob whine about any random thing, knowing that I would see Dylan almost every week, Al Taib salad bar after Dj’ing, laughing at all the Tam Tam goers every sunday rolling along Mont-Royal avenue, having friends from Toronto come to visit and getting to play host, veggie pate sandwiches at Aux Vivres, going to ride bmx at Rosemont or Parc Jarry, the list goes on.

7. Nasa-Footwork Tuesdays. The pre-party that always lead to the after-party at the radio show. I know Fase still has his night, but that energy and crowd is mostly gone. No diss Fase, I know you’re still playing amazing tracks and the night is the longest-running weekly in our scene but nothing will ever come close to the scene outside of Nasa at 2:30 on a Tuesday circa 2000-2002.

8. When everyone’s comfort zone was larger. Back in the days, we would travel to Pickering, Missisauga, North York, wherever we had to go for a session or party or gathering. Now everyone sticks to their neighbourhoods, and the East End gets a bad rep for being far or out of the way. It’s not like any of us had cars back then, so nothing has really changed, just people have less time and don’t want to spend it travelling on public transit.

9. Hand-painted signs and murals. These are making a slight resurgence as people see the limitations of digital and printing, but it’s nothing like the 90’s when Murad reigned supreme and half of the billboards you saw downtown were painted by artists with airbrushes, brushes and skill.

10. Street bombing. I could easily jump back into this one, but being the guy who gets locked up at my age for catching some handstyles or hollows is not the move. I’m glad I had a chance to do this though, my awareness of the city and the unique flavour of every neighbourhood is much higher than it would have been if I hadn’t been obsessed with going all city in my youth.

What do YOU miss?