early awkward

30 07 2009

early awkward, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this flucked my whole sh1t up when i got it. years later, it’s pure magick!

i always feel like

13 05 2009

amazing, originally uploaded by sizzled.

somebody’s watching me…

ice t lololol

11 01 2009

ice t lololol, originally uploaded by sizzled.

ice tea glass. i love it here!

all (inside) jokes aside, sarah’s going away partie(s) last night went off despite the snowstorm and guest appearances by homeless troublemakers.

However, i think i liked the brunch immediately followed by ali’s doubles best of all. since i had no camera, this one of sarah laughing into her iced tea in the PEC while we were talking Farm Biz shall suffice.

karaoke before she actually leaves? can i get a what what?

Fitted Up.

16 11 2008


I’m not sure whether this is:

a) The worst fitted I’ve ever seen

b) The best fitted I’ve ever seen

c) all of the above.

I think Ace’s countenance sums up the whole effin thing, personally.

double point

10 11 2008

double point, originally uploaded by sizzled.

so, apparently the newest trend in real estate is having your picture on your for sale signs. i’ve seen countless examples of this, most just involve a friendly looking head shot and maybe half a torso if they are getting adventurous. basically, look at my calming, trustworthy looking face. i will help you find the right house, i am worthy of that fat commission cheque.
my man Gary here has taken it to the next level though. the double point shows that he is just so confident that he has what you need and he’ll close the deal before you’ve even seen the ensuite bathroom.

kool keith trophy pose

4 10 2008

kool keith trophy pose, originally uploaded by {J}.

i didnt know kool keith had it like that on the skateboard

I also didn’t take this pic..but i wish i did

28 09 2008

Ghostface Big Girl, originally uploaded by and1baller8981.

i’m god, cipher divine like my pussy refined
that means clean/a fds smell wit a shine

wildflower may be the rawest track about women…ever.


26 09 2008

hey, originally uploaded by sizzled.

sometimes standing around waiting for sushi works out better than expected