questions you shouldn’t ask the internet

30 11 2009

Picture 3, originally uploaded by sizzled.

“how big is a dime of weed” probably ranks #5 or so on that list.

also of note: how frequently people spell boogaloo with a “u”

chef weezy

31 08 2009

chef, originally uploaded by sizzled.

so we have been meeting in secret once a week for a friendly potluck known simply as barbecueorboogaloo aka rap dinner party.

so far we have been keeping it a strictly friends and family event for the many serious foodies and lovers of cuisine in our peer group but there’s a strong chance we could definitely turn this into a full scale event so stay tuned.

this picture is from the first week we did this and it has already grown a lot.

lauren, we see you! enjoy your time in hali.

backyard boogie

16 07 2009

blur burn, originally uploaded by sizzled.

what’s wrong with motherfluckers
when will they ever learn
keep playing with that fire
that ass’ll get burned


or boogaloo

12 07 2009

or boogaloo, originally uploaded by sizzled.

“rockers is what he blends”


27 04 2009

Dever Niser NSF 1997, originally uploaded by sizzled.

my philly fam, stand up!

one of the many panels that got done on a beautiful day in the late 90’s in the barbecue yard.

old saint nick

25 12 2008

Christmas, originally uploaded by sizzled.


i’ve been waiting for months to post this pic and it finally gets to go up.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from us here at

Stay tuned for a big party in early 2009, and many more updates, this blog has gotten way more love and attention than we ever expected it to.

-Ace Six and Kaewonder

shameless promotion

5 11 2008

fuelsky4, originally uploaded by sizzled.

take the subway from keele to dundas west and tell me if you can read the URL on this wall from the train.