questions you shouldn’t ask the internet

30 11 2009

Picture 3, originally uploaded by sizzled.

“how big is a dime of weed” probably ranks #5 or so on that list.

also of note: how frequently people spell boogaloo with a “u”

chef weezy

31 08 2009

chef, originally uploaded by sizzled.

so we have been meeting in secret once a week for a friendly potluck known simply as barbecueorboogaloo aka rap dinner party.

so far we have been keeping it a strictly friends and family event for the many serious foodies and lovers of cuisine in our peer group but there’s a strong chance we could definitely turn this into a full scale event so stay tuned.

this picture is from the first week we did this and it has already grown a lot.

lauren, we see you! enjoy your time in hali.

backyard boogie

16 07 2009

blur burn, originally uploaded by sizzled.

what’s wrong with motherfluckers
when will they ever learn
keep playing with that fire
that ass’ll get burned



26 03 2009

deck, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Today is clearly a day of giving, as I present to you a new mix from none other than my stromie, my homie, Kaewonder aka Kaeweezy aka Thoro Reggiano.

Perhaps he will want to update this post later with some more info about the vibe he was going for on this particular mix, but after giving it a listen this AM I can say it’s a mellow mix of breaks and beats that could get run at any time of day.

This may very well have been the meaning behind the title, but only Kae knows for sure.

From both of us here at barbecueorboogaloo, I would like to say thanks for reading and enjoy the mix.

1-Weldon Irvine-“music is the key”
2-The Cyrkle-“the visit”
3-Jack Wilkins-“Red Clay”
4-Ian Carr-“roots”
5-Eddie Henderson-“beyond forever”
6-Mike Longo-“island of might”
7-Zulema-“if this world were mine”
8-The Moments-“keep on loving you”
9-Astrud Gilberto-“make believe”
10-Smokey Robinson-“quiet storm”
11-Jon Lucien-“would you believe in me”
12-Sunrise Ltd-“Our Love will grow”
13-Jackie & Roy-“Good & Rich”



22 01 2009

reggae pose, originally uploaded by sizzled.

even though it looks like a press shot for their upcoming reggae chune, this is in fact just weezy squared on some let’s do this funny pose and see how it turns out ishhhhh

BMG street team in full effect and what

ya thun know..

18 11 2008

AMTTEATRO, originally uploaded by sizzled.

we’re back at it.
torontos hardest working team in full effect filling in for fathom..expect a lot of album cuts, remixes, and rap anthems.