13 02 2010

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don’t fail me now

happy birthday kaewonder

24 11 2009

yeh, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i first met this fine young man in 1997 at the bmg offices with rainbow if memory serves me correctly.

he couldn’t have been a day over 15 at the time and to see that earnest youngin turn into the well rounded dude and peer he now is puts a smile on my face.

i don’t have many close friends, and definitely not many “new” ones. It takes a special person to last 10 years in my life and in all honesty, i am just getting to really know kaelah since moving back to toronto in 2006.

congrats on making it to this first milestone, homie. i hope your 25th year is amazing and brings you perspective, growth and promise!

i woke up early on my bornday

8 05 2009

from the nature, originally uploaded by sizzled.

the label might sneak the rest of the line out if you read in between the lines.

from the Nature will lead the nature into a new era.


29 04 2009

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just enough, just enough for the city

happy birthday tenma

19 12 2008

crunkma, originally uploaded by sizzled.

1 day late but i’m not sure if i can make her party tonight with all this madness falling from the sky so i’ll give 10 her props now for being a down ass chick.

if you feel like blowing me up to see if i got your email or counted 7500 ransom buttons in 3 different sizes yet, feel free…i kinda miss it! haha and by that i mean that i don’t miss it at all, but it was always fun getting calls from you at work!

if i don’t see you tonight, i owe you a joint or a farinata or something.  happy belated!

happy birthday nix

10 12 2008

NikT, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i know that i blogged his mug only a couple days ago, but hey it’s my man nik t’s born day today so it’s only right to throw him up again on the intarw3bz in the form of an OG pic from Una Mas. pretty sure this was an oddities/quartertones show there.

post up and let us know where/when the party is, son! birthday blunts in effect.

what’s thun is thun

25 11 2008

kaewizzle, originally uploaded by sizzled.

so, yesterday was kaewonder’s born day and yet somehow i didn’t make a post commemorating it.

sorry, thun that was foul.

i got a birthday roti and guava juice at ali’s whenever you’re ready to hit it up…shit i’ll even cop you the post roti ice cream bar.

go keesha, it’s your birthday

15 11 2008

ride or die bitch, originally uploaded by sizzled.

ok so, i didn’t take that picture but i like it more than any of the ones i have personally taken so whatevs.

here’s to you on this special day…and to many more.