21 01 2010

setback, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this might be the last picture my camera ever took if I can’t get it fixed on the cheap. if anyone knows how to fix canon g7’s or wants to give me an 35mm slr, this is a great time to speak up!

i still ride for the G series. a very versatile point and shoot.



1 01 2010

jedi, originally uploaded by sizzled.

to go down doing what you love is probably the only way to go down.
heal up fast family, i know it takes more than an injury to break your spirit.


28 01 2009

vicebruk, originally uploaded by sizzled.

hey, remember when there was a vice store in toronto?

hey, remember when someone threw a rock or brick or baseball through the window of the vice store in toronto?

i was lucky enough to have caught this shortly after it happened sometime in 2003


2 12 2008

awwww, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i was gonna make up a lie like this was an original pressing of a rare turkish psych rock record that only 8 people own or something equally absurd just to make kaewonder cry, but then i realized that it would be pretty mean and im working on cleaning up my image.

oh, but pretty sure that back in the day our boy “bad idea” had hundred dollar records being treated almost as badly as this one. tsk tsk, doggie.